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Cisco Entertainment operatingsystem platform

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Cisco Eos: Connecting Content and Consumers

Cisco Eos is a hosted software platform that gives you social-networking, content-distribution, and content-targeting features in an integrated administrative suite.

Cisco Eos helps media and entertainment companies deliver a consumer vision in which “Content Finds You” and the entertainment experience is personalized based on individuals’ interests. Instead of devoting extra time to searching for content that interests them, consumers can spend more time interacting with the content and with one another.

For the consumer, Cisco Eos facilitates a next-generation entertainment experience that includes:

* Interaction with and Around Content
With Cisco Eos, consumers interact with and around your content, not just with one another. Consumers presented with engaging content and the opportunity to interact stay longer and consume more content.
* Blend of Professional and User-Generated Content
Users want to consume high-quality, professionally produced content. At the same time, they want the flexibility to contribute and consume their own content. Cisco Eos offers an environment where both types of content coexist, informing each other to provide a new experience.
* Media-Rich Environment
Sites powered by Cisco Eos offer consumers a media-focused entertainment experience. Video serves as the cornerstone of a media-rich, immersive Web experience by triggering a deeper conversation and engagement between users and your content.
* Personalized Content
With all the entertainment options available, consumers look for content that is aligned with their interests and preferences. Cisco Eos provides them with relevant, targeted content based on their interests and behavior. In the Cisco Eos environment, consumers do not need to search for content. Content can find them.

For content owners, Cisco Eos provides a cost-efficient and scalable platform for engaging audiences. As an integrated, white-label platform, Cisco Eos helps you:

* Rapidly Deploy, Customize, and Manage Online Communities
Ease of deployment and customizable features let Cisco Eos help you focus on your core competencies, such as seeding a site with relevant and interesting content, rather than on the time-consuming technical and logistical details of generating a community site.
* Monitor and Report on Consumer Interactions
Cisco Eos allows you to quickly see details from a single data source that show how consumers are behaving across all of your Cisco Eos-powered communities. This knowledge is crucial to making effective decisions about the types of content and presentation your community sites offer.
* Syndicate Content Across Communities
Cisco Eos provides a syndication capability that lets you easily reach more audiences with your content beyond the boundaries of your own community site.

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En Pillai Urimaiyaai Ethum
'Vaangi Tha'ra Kekum Pothellam
Nee Urimaiyaai Kaetu Vaangiya
Muthhangal Gnabaham

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